Unique collection of 10 human rights titles from Frontpage - FP200

  • $49.00

Fascinating collection of 10 unique publications by renowned international publisher Frontpage Publications Limited.
Collection includes titles on human rights, Ghandi, history and politics of India by distinguished academic authors. Over $150 value.

Frontpage Publications Limited, registered in England & Wales, is an independent publishing house pioneering a distinctive approach to excel in publishing critical debates primarily in the areas of history and politics, human rights, media and women rights.

Promoted by a team of accomplished specialists having proven track record in international publishing, Frontpage counts on exclusive writing in order to bring alternative voices to a wider audience through both conventional and electronic channels.

Frontpage encourages co-publishing relationships with various types of organisations, including universities, associations, think tanks, non-governmental organisations and other publishers across the world.

Frontpage publishes the ‘Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis‘ (JTPP), a peer-reviewed, biannual, scholarly journal of contemplative cutting edge research and practice on subjects related to human social flourishing and peace, both in print and online versions.

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