About us

J.A. Wilson’s was founded in 2012, as a spin off company of the international book importer, Silvermine international Books, LLC. Silvermine’s founder and president, John Atkin, who began in the publishing business in the 1970s, began to see a need for certain niche books to be available in the US market, and as the son of well known architectural editor and publisher William Wilson Atkin, he set out to import them into the north American market. As the company evolved over the years he began to realize there is a need for other products into the market place, including designer stationery products, as well as collectible books from around European countries.

It was during one of his European visits that he met OBNI in Madrid, Spain, who first introduced him to the world of beautifully designed stationery products from South Korea. After an eye-opening visit to Seoul in the fall of 2016, and visiting many designers and manufactures of various products, he began to import the product into the United States, starting with the literary themed 7321 Design products.  

Many additional company’s products will be added on a regular basis, so please check back regularly to see what’s new!  And take a look at the book pages where you will find hundreds of new, direct-from-publisher titles, many in Spanish, as well as a selection of old books published in the UK and Europe.


As an additional service, we will assist you in finding hard-to-get or obscure titles from around the world.  Simply email us your needs at info@jawilsons.com, and we will search and find that title for you!

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