Lot of 110 new sociology books from prestigious publisher Frontpage Publications

  • $250.00

Lot of 110 books, 15 different titles, multiple copies of titles from prestigious and renowned international publisher, Frontpage Publications Limited.

Frontpage, registered in England & Wales, is an independent publishing house pioneering a distinctive approach to excel in publishing critical debates primarily in the areas of history and politics, human rights, media and women rights.

Promoted by a team of specialists having proven track record in international publishing, Frontpage counts on exclusive writing in order to bring alternative voices to a wider audience through innovative publications.

With in-house state of the art facility and an accomplished marketing team having perfect focus on anticipating consumer preference, Frontpage is all set to reach the target audience both through conventional and electronic channels.

Frontpage publishes the Journal of Transdisciplinary Peace Praxis (JTPP), a peer-reviewed, biannual, scholarly journal of contemplative cutting edge research and practice on subjects related to human social flourishing and peace, both in print and online versions.