Beautiful mini singing bowl handcrafted in Nepal - Black

  • $30.00

Set in box mini black with Shou symbol

The golden symbol "Shou" on the box lid means longevity. Therefore, this mini singing bowl in its elegantly processed packaging is very suitable as a birthday present or for the beginning or the end of a meditation. The mini singing bowl is made of shiny metal. Their sound is bright and clear. The gift box is elegantly processed. The outside is made of brocade fabric with a floral motif. The symbol for longevity is printed in gold on the lid. Inside the lid is a short introduction to using the singing bowl. (Note short intro in German)


  • round base in black with red border
  • turned wooden clapper 
  • Gift box in black with Shou symbol on the lid and floral motif on the outside

Dimensions of the box: approx.2 3/4 x 2 3/4 x 2" Bowl 2 " diameter, note inscription in box in German

Real handcraft from Nepal - fair trade of course.