Beautiful 3" singing bowl handcrafted in Nepal - Shou symbol

  • $45.00

Singing bowl set in violet box with Shou symbol

Beautiful cast singing bowl in a purple jewelry box with a gold Shou symbol and accessories.

This high-gloss cast singing bowl has a nice flat shape. Its sound is bright and clear, making the bowl suitable for meditation.

The lid of the storage box is decorated with a golden Shou symbol. This symbol means longevity. In the lid of the box you will find information (in German) on the production and use of singing bowls.
The color matching the sturdy box is missing from this set the burgundy-colored singing bowl pad made of felt. A turned wooden clapper completes the ensemble.

Included supply:

  • Bordeaux colored felt pad, Ø approx. 7 cm,
  • Turned wooden clapper for striking the singing bowl
  • purple storage box with dragon pattern and Shou symbol on the lid, 
  • dimensions of the box: approx. 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 2 3/4", bowl 2 7/8" diameter

The singing bowl and the accessories are real handcraft from Nepal - fair trade of course. The felt pad was made in Germany.