Beautiful 3" singing bowl handcrafted in Nepal - Love

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Gift box LOVE

The traditional and most original way of making a singing bowl is forging. A composition of different metals is first melted into a flat core. It is driven into the shape of a bowl by the hot, open fire with heavy hammers. Once the rough shape has been forged, the blank is further processed and optically refined: unevenness is leveled, the outer slag is removed and the singing bowl is polished - all by hand. It takes four to five hours for it to reach its final shape.

This singing bowl is manufactured in Nepal in small factories near Kathmandu.

The most original type of production is forging. This type of production is also manual work. The different manufacturing methods have an influence on the sound and, above all, on the vibrations.

Gift set with a new cast singing bowl in a box "... in love".


  • Wooden clapper
  • Box with inscription (Note, inscription in German)
  • approx.3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 2 3/4", bowl 2 7/8" diameter

Real handcraft from Nepal - fair trade of course.