Aesthetic Rehabilitation - New Trends (Portugese)

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Reabilitação Estética – Novas Tendências

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Chapter 1: Translucency: helping you choose your photographic equipment

Chapter 2: Clinical protocol: diastema closure restorations with composite resins

Chapter 3: Aesthetic rehabilitation: indirect facets of composite resin in a patient with dental fluorosis
Chapter 4: Clinical solution: simplifying indirect restorations
Chapter 5: Ceramic laminates: clinical criteria for planning, execution and maintenance
Chapter 6: Aesthetics with monolithic structures: ips e.max press ceramics with make-up technique
Chapter 7: Waxing and sculpture step by step: how to obtain results: 26 and 46
Chapter 8: New intraoral device: treatment of orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorder (TMD)
Chapter 9: Current concepts: immediate provisional restorations on implants
Chapter 10: Platform switching: planning in aesthetic areas
Chapter 11: The pursuit of esthetic esthetic excellence: in the case of atrophic maxilla rehabilitation after complications with the use of zygomatic fixations
Chapter 12: Treatment of the alveolar mucous complex: immediate to tooth extraction
Chapter 13: Tissue manipulation: focus on peri-implant aesthetics
Chapter 14: Low-level laser: when and how to use it
Chapter 15: Periodontal treatment: smokers
Chapter 16: Clinical resolutions: odontopediatrics and odontohebiatria
Chapter 17: Uncomplicating endodontic instrumentation: root canal system
Chapter 18: Dental approach: Alzheimer's patients