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Tyrannosaurus 3D Paper Toy

Vendor: Happy Paper
  • $18.50

Material: Paper
Size: 9" x 20 1/2'



Many wild animals are becoming extinct, however through HAPPY PAPER, we can help raise awareness. Now you have the opportunity to create animals that are almost extinct. That's why their products arouse interest while educating people to learn more about each animal. HAPPY PAPER manufactures quality products. With a careful design in each product with bright colors and excellent details to provide greater realism in their paper creations. Their products are easy to assemble and do not require the use of dangerous tools for assembly. Decorate with HAPPY PAPER and create an eco space in your home. One of HAPPY PAPER's top priorities is to provide fun and an educational experience. Through their models we can better know the animals and their habitats. Have fun with your animals in 3D and help protect them!


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